Currently / 2

Anticipating the finale of Walking Dead tonight!  If I could simultaneously watch the premiere of Game of Thrones I would...but it looks like it's going to be Walking Dead tonight. 

Planning on doing a little house cleaning and possibly putting my insect collecting tools to use.

Watching the wind blowing against my windchime.  The wind is picking up and I really hope it rains today!

Missing my old coworkers.  I don't have many friends due to the fact that I'm simply a loner...but I can certainly say that they're some of my favorite people who always keep me laughing.  Thank you all for being my friends!
Loving Chuck Palahniuk's Damned, the movie Safety Not Guaranteed, and the idea of giving my entire apartment a much needed makeover!

Going to the grocery store to stock up on this weeks groceries and cat food :)

Making Me Happy I got to visit almost ALL of my family and friends over the weekend.  It's always great being able to visit with them. 

Hiking Adventure / 5

Although Spring is officially here, and flowers are beginning to bloom...Sunday's hiking trip did NOT feel like Spring in Texas...AT ALL!  The high was in the lower 50's and it was sooo windy!  I know...I'm a such a weenie right?  I'm so happy we ended up going though, because we snagged a really neat skull while we were there!  Matthew spotted it on the side of the path, and I immediately snatched it up.  I still haven't identified it, but I'm working on it.  If any of you have any ideas let me know!  I'm going to bleach it and seal it for my curiosity collection I've been working on.       

I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit more and for everything to be green again!  It's one of my favorite times of the year :) 
Have you been hiking lately?

Currently / 1

Anticipating watching an episode of Face Off on Amazon tonight with Matthew.  I want to learn monster makeup so bad!  This show is the coolest!

Planning to make a new batch of homemade sugar scrub for my mom this weekend.

Watching Sprinkles and Brando snoozing by my side. 

Missing my family.  It really sucks not seeing them every day, but it makes the times I do see them extra special :) 

Loving the sound of Spring outside my patio door.  If only I could cut out the sound of traffic!

Going to take Matthew's stepmom to see Oz the Great and Powerful this weekend (at least that's probably what we're going to do!)

Making Me Happy My new blog design!

The Ratties!

I've been such a terrible blogger.  I've had my rats for about a month now, and I still haven't shared any photos of them!!!  Well here's an update!

The photos on the left are at 5 weeks old, and the photos on the right were taken yesterday at almost 9 weeks old :)

They have been incredibly shy, but they're becoming more and more comfortable every day.