Summer Wishlist // 3

Can you believe summer is almost officially over?!?  School started up in most places this week, and Fall is right around the corner!  If I could put together an early/late summer outfit based on some of my favorite cool fun summer colors, it would be this:
  1. Southwest Fest Dress from Modcloth
  2. Trio and Try Again Rings from Modcloth
  3. Real Go-Glitter Flats from Modcloth
The pattern on this dress is so fun and festive and I would love to wear this to an outdoor concert along with a pretty charm necklace and gold studded tie bracelets!  Speaking of concerts, I get to live one of my pre-teen dreams and go to a Backstreet Boys concert this Friday!  My sisters birthday was earlier this month and Matthew bought her two tickets because he knows we were both big into them when we were in school hahaha!  I may not be obsessed with them the way I was then (did anyone else have their walls COMPLETELY covered with these guys?), but it's going to be a lot of fun anyways :)  

Did you go through the boy band phase?

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