Summer Wishlist // 2

What's pretty and teal with pink horses all over?  THIS DRESS!!!  And I want it.  Badly.  Not only do I think this dress would look so cute with these earrings and sandals during the summer, but it would transition really well into fall/winter outfits.  I would love to punk it up with leather boots/tights/and a leather jacket.      

  1. Horse of a Different Color Dress from Modcloth
  2. Fudge From The Fair Flat in Black from Modcloth
  3. Colt Your Horses Earrings from Modcloth
I don't often wear earrings.  Actually, I have a confession to make.  I haven't worn earrings in at least a year...maybe two.  I've never been really big on jewelry, and so I didn't wear much growing up.  That and the fact that I have a nickel allergy.  I've had my ears pierced since I was a kid, but I've always gone on really long earring breaks and they end up closing up on me.  Sooooo a couple of days ago I was thinking about how cute earrings would look when I wear my hair up (which is most of the time).  I went out and bought some studs and decided to poke them through and give earrings another try.  It's been two days now.  I've been doing alcohol cleanings and have changed them out a couple of times, but oh my gosh they hurt!!!  I'm determined to see this through though and I'm going to keep this up for another 4-6 weeks until they're all healed.  Then I'm going to start stocking up on cute earrings like these little horses.  I can't wait to wear something other than studs!  
Have you ever had trouble with ear piercings?

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