Summer Wishlist // 1

I would absolutely hate to have to show you guys my closet right now.  I don't think it's EVER been so messy before.  I've fallen into one of those "I need to throw everything in my closet away and restock it with new stuff that looks like 'ME'" kind of moods.  I don't feel like anything that I currently have in my wardrobe reflects my personal style at all.  Okay maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration.  I do have a few things that I love...but I wear the same three outfits constantly!  I'm not kidding!  We go to the movies and the bookstore on a pretty regular basis, and I'd be really surprised if the people working there don't know me by my outfits by now.  I really love wearing red and black together, and I think this collared checkered top would be so cute with the high waisted red skirt and black sandals.  It would be the perfect outfit for a drive-in movie date!  

  1. Barn To Be Wild Top from Modcloth
  2. Fudge From the Fair Flat in Black from Modcloth
  3. Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt in Merlot from Modcloth
Doing outfit photos on the blog has always been something I've wanted to do, but I have a difficult time taking self portraits.  As I mentioned above, I'm also lacking a bit in the wardrobe department at the moment.  I'm not sure that it's evident by my usual blog content, but I really am interested in makeup, cute clothes, and girly things in general.  It's a side of me that I'd like to share more of.  I intend on doing that at some point, and hopefully sooner rather than later.  Until I start posting What I Wore photos, doing these little wish lists will be a great place for me to start.  Inspiration, ideas, and a little encouragement are all I need!  Speaking of inspiration and ideas, I'm really looking forward to picking up a copy of A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book by Elsie & Emma.  I think it's going to be a fun read and really pretty to look at too!  In case you didn't know, it was released today!  

Do you do outfit posts on your blog?


  1. I love the outfit you chose above! I do some outfit photos on my blog, but it is kind of awkward taking the photos. I bet you have some great stuff. You're just probably used to it, but your readers would find it new and refreshing. I've been following Elsie and Emma for years now, too, and the biggest thing I've gotten from them is to explore mixing and matching of patterns and colors in new ways with my current wardrobe. I started doing that and came up with some new combinations that made my closet feel more updated. But I totally hear you when you say you just want to get rid of everything and start over:) I feel like that a lot. Hope you're having a great day!

    1. Thank you Kari! I love to mix different patterns and colors too-I think before I start throwing stuff out I'll just go through and think of new ways to mix what I have :)

  2. I love black and white prints paired with red! That outfit is so cute, especially for a date night. It can be difficult or just plain weird to take photos of your face or outfit for a blog, but it gets easier over time. You get more used to it and you learn what works for you in photos and what doesn't. Also, take way more photos than you think you need, because inevitably you will only want to use a few out of the ones you take for some reason. Good luck!

    xo, Michelle // Neon Rattail