Shark Week: Illustration Love

I can't believe Shark Week is here already!  I look forward to it every year and I'm excited to share all of my favorite shark bits with you this week!  To start things off, I decided to share a few really neat illustrations I found over the weekend!

Royal Sharks: Shark King & Hammerhead Shark Queen by Sam Georgieff of Poor Dog Farm
I love the theme of these two.  What a fun idea!  I would LOVE to have these hanging in my apartment somewhere-they would always put a smile on my face :)
Fossil Shark Teeth Scientific Illustration by David Scheirer of Studio Tuesday

Aren't these amazing?!?  If I lived near the beach, I would love searching for shark teeth!  Did you know that sharks lose a lot of teeth, but always grow them back?  They typically go through 30,000 teeth in their lifetime!  Neat!

By the way, the winner of last weeks giveaway is Nicole of Gypsy in Jasper!  Congrats Nicole! 

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