Illustration Love: SEM Illustrations

While browsing etsy for cute movie illustrations over the weekend, I fell in love with these from Sarah Michaels of SEM Illustrations.  I love her use of color and these movies are some of my favorites! 

 When I was little, my dad would take us to the video store every weekend and let us each pick out one movie to rent.  No exaggeration here...I rented The Shining AT LEAST 6-8 times in a row.  My step mom finally told me that the video store said I couldn't rent it anymore, but I think she was just tired of listening to it!  I adore that film-and I'm in love with these illustrations!!! 
I'm also a huge fan of The Labyrinth.  Ludo is my favorite!!!  I hope I can purchase a few of these soon-they would be perfect to keep near my computer desk!

The awesomeness doesn't stop here-go check out Sarah's Etsy shop for more!

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  1. I have a "Come Play With Us" necklace, in a cutesy cartoony stye, also from an Etsy seller! I LOVE horror movies, and I first watched The Shining years ago, when I was like sixteen, because my wife was like YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! It's so good. :D