10 Things You Don't Know About Me

This post comes from a tag post done over on Mandy's blog Miss Indie.  I've been so terrible about posting consistently, so I thought this would be something fun and simple to *maybe/hopefully* get me back into the swing of things :)

1) I am the BIGGEST procrastinator I know.  I have list upon list of things to do, but somehow I never get around to doing them.  Current things I'm procrastinating about:
  • Doing the dishes.
  • Cleaning my apartment (it's totally disgusting right now)
  • Starting and finishing each day with a Yoga routine.
2) I want to write a novel or collection of short stories.  I'm thinking something along the lines of thriller/mystery...but cozy mysteries sound fun too.  Add this to my procrastinator list of things that may never happen...but I really do hope I can find the time for this one.

3) I think I'm developing an obsession with Steve Martin.  That guy is the coolest.  Successful actor/comedian/novelist/banjo player?  What an accomplished guy!  Look at these early photos of him I found:

4) My last two years of high school were miserable because I was *literally* afraid to end my unhealthy relationship with my terrible high school boyfriend.  I stopped taking Art (which was my favorite class-I signed up for it every year) because he decided to take it.  Both of my prom nights ended in tears and I hated the experience.  And worst of all...I lost all of my friends, because I only ever made time for him (there were consequences if I didn't).  I wish I had had the balls to end things with him before they got so bad. 

5) I desperately want to have Lilac hair.  It's soooo dreamy!  Maybe someday I'll be able to work from home.  If I do, that will be one of the first things I mark off my to-do list.

6) I was a cheerleader in 7th and 8th grade, but I also shaved the underside of my hair and wore wide leg jeans and baggy shirts all the time that first year...the strangest cheerleader I've ever seen lol.

7) I haven't trimmed or cut my hair in over a year now.  I just keep letting it grow.  Every now and then I want to cut it all off, but then I change my mind.  It's awfully pretty when it's long.

8) I want to learn how to do monster makeup.  Have you ever seen the Syfy show Face Off?  Watch it.  It's Amazing!

9) I'm so shy that I sometimes decide not to do things I want or need to do(like take a class or even go to the store alone), because social interaction scares the crap out of me.  I'm always afraid I'm going to say something incredibly stupid or misinterpret something someone says.  It's strange that I do perfectly fine when I interact with customers at work...but if it's not work related...I'm socially retarded.

10) I secretly want to own a 50's style Soda Shop with a little dance floor for all those fun 50s dances.  OMG!  (My first job was waiting tables an independently owned Malt Shop.  I got to dress up like the Pink Ladies from Grease everyday and serve ice cream!)

I tag ANYONE who reads this!  If you decide to do one of your own please leave me a link so I can read it! 


  1. I LOVE the last fact. I would totally come visit you at your 50s diner. I'd dress the part and dance it up all night long! So fun.

    Quit procrastinating and write your book, wouldya? I'd be your first reader. :)

    1. Thank Nicole! Wouldn't that be so fun!?!?!? And thanks for being supportive about the book-I think I may start with short stories as a way to grow my ideas :)

  2. I just found your blog and love it! This list is awesome. I can totally relate about the Steve Martin thing. I've had the biggest crush on Bill Murray forever. I hear that he's been known to show up at random parties and places, and I secretly wish he'd show up in Kansas City at the place I was at and we'd become the best of friends. That could happen, right? Love your idea about the book, too. I've been wanting to write one for the past two years, but just haven't made the time. My favorite of your list, though, is owning a soda shop. How cool would that be? 50s are back in style, so now's your chance:) Hope you're having a great day!