Backyard Finds

While doing yard work outside at Matthews over the weekend, we stumbled across some really neat stuff!  What kind of mushroom is this!!???  I've never seen one before, but it's sooo cool!  What a pretty color! 
Ohhhh and look at this Caterpillar!  What a bad ass!  There were a whole bunch of them on this one plant in the backyard.  I love the grayish purple stripes and the black spikes are too neat.  I immediately went inside to look it up and found out it's a Gulf Fritillary (the butterfly is also known as the Passion Butterfly).  The spikes are apparently harmless and soft to the touch...though it is poisonous if eaten.  After looking up the butterfly, I remembered posting a photo of one from a hike we went on a while back.  You can see it here
Have you found anything interesting in the back yard lately?


  1. So neat! Great photos of some great finds!

  2. Awesome pictures! That caterpillar is crazy!

    xo. Mandy

  3. That caterpillar is awesome. I love caterpillars, they always seem so special and rare to find. Despite finding lots of butterflies the rest of the time.