Books and Cupcakes

My mom and sister came to visit over the weekend and it was so nice to have a girls night!  It's been a long time since just the three of us have done anything together.  They got here around 3:30 and we headed straight for Barnes & Noble. 
We all love going to the bookstore, and it's always a mandatory stop because the nearest bookstore to them is about an hour away!  My mom was super awesome and told us she would buy us each a book if we found one we liked.  I chose this one:
My collection of writing how-to books is growing.  Writing a novel or short story has been something I've always been interested in doing...(or maybe it's just the process of dreaming up characters and plots-I haven't decided).  I found this one to be quite interesting and fun. 

After leaving the bookstore we walked across the street to the Cupcakery.  Anytime my mom visits, a stop for cupcakes is a MUST. 
This one was my favorite! I can't remember what it was called, and it isn't listed on the online menu...but it was DELICIOUS!  I love the colors too-so pretty!

We stopped at El Fenix after that for an early dinner before heading back to the apartment.  We spent the rest of the evening watching movies while nearly sending ourselves into diabetic comas from eating some of those cupcakes.  Seriously...those cupcakes wore us out!  We ended up calling it a night at about 10:00.  We had a big breakfast at a cafe down the street before they went on their way.  It was so nice having a day for just the three of us.  We definitely need to do it more often!  I'm off to read some of my book now!   


  1. What an amazing cupcake!


  2. Sounds like you girls had a really fun time! I love trips to the bookstore. And that cupcake is too cute! :)

    xo. Mandy