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Anticipating watching an episode of Face Off on Amazon tonight with Matthew.  I want to learn monster makeup so bad!  This show is the coolest!

Planning to make a new batch of homemade sugar scrub for my mom this weekend.

Watching Sprinkles and Brando snoozing by my side. 

Missing my family.  It really sucks not seeing them every day, but it makes the times I do see them extra special :) 

Loving the sound of Spring outside my patio door.  If only I could cut out the sound of traffic!

Going to take Matthew's stepmom to see Oz the Great and Powerful this weekend (at least that's probably what we're going to do!)

Making Me Happy My new blog design!


  1. Did you do the design!?! It looks awesome. I'm so impressed.

    1. I did! Thank you so much! I desperately want to get a new computer so that I can install Dreamweaver and Photoshop. I need to study up on coding too.