Life Lately

I've haven't been neglecting my soap making, but I haven't been making as much as I've been meaning to.  The most recent soaps I made were these Brownie scented swirl soaps.  I have lots of other animal shapes, but decided on the squirrel and bear for these.  I cannot even begin to explain how perfectly like brownies these smell like.  They're simply delicious!!!

 I recently bought this cat tree and set it up for Brando and Sprinkles this week.  Brando is normally such a serious/loungey/cuddly cat who never plays.  You roll a jingly ball to him and he just stares at it in general disinterest.  After setting it up and letting them out of the bedroom to check it out-he was on it in no time!  AND the best part is that he is actually playing with all the toys that are hanging on it.  I've never seen him that interested in anything before.  He uses the heck out of those scratch posts too, which is a welcome vacation from my furniture.  Anytime I come into the living room I can always find him sleeping at the tip-top.  He absolutely adores it :)  I'm a happy kitty mom.  Sprinkles loves it too, but that's not surprising-she loves everything.  We made a fun discovery about Sprinkles this week too...she plays fetch!  She loves crumpled balls of paper and we threw one to her like always, and she brought it back immediately so that we would throw it again.  She kept it up for quite a while before we finally stopped. 
My arm looks ginormous!  I couldn't get them to both look at the camera-oh well!

I've also not mentioned it yet, but I'm getting rats!  Matthew and I put together their Critter Nation cage yesterday (it was a pain in the a**!) but I'm really happy with it.  We've still got to make a stop at the fabric store so that I can make some covers for the all the pans and I need to get a few more hammocks, toys, and a litter box, but it's getting there.  I'm getting three boys and they'll be ready to pick up the weekend following Valentine's Day.  Yay!



  1. Holy moly! That cage is enormous. Those are going to be some pampered rats. Ha.

  2. Holy Moly is right! They're definitely going to be pretty spoiled :)