Film Love Friday: The Darjeeling Limited

Synopsis: One year after their father's funerl, three brothers travel across India by train in an attempt to bong with one another.
Directed by: Wes Anderson
Starring: Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and Jason Schwartzmann

Hiking Adventure and Snapshots #1

Over the weekend, Matthew and I decided to turn Sundays into our weekly hiking day.  His parents found a really nice hiking place about 15 minutes from us and so we decided to go check it out.  It was so nice!  There are quite a few different trails you can follow and they have them color coded (maybe by difficulty?...We made the mistake of not checking and I feel like we went on the most difficult one).  The trail we chose ends up leading down to the lake and there are picnik areas and swimming and all of that great stuff.  It takes a couple of miles to get to the lake, but we were set on getting there.  What I did no anticipate was the heat combined with the amount of uphill climbing we did.  I've lived in Texas my entire life, but I've never gotten used to how hot it can be here sometimes.  It was over 100 degrees when we went and most of the trail was full sun.  There were a few shaded places, but they were far and few between.  I'm embarrased to say it, but I actually got really sick.  I nearly blacked out and had to stop...and then I got sick.  It was terrible.  The combination of hot hot heat, being terribly out of shape, and me maybe not drinking enough water while we were out there are the reasons I didn't handle it well.  When we finally got back to the car we rested for a bit and then felt a lot better.  Even though I got sick and totally sucked at hiking that trail, it's something I want to keep doing and get better at.  I've always loved hiking...this trail was just particularly difficult.  Next time we're going on one of the easier trails and paying more attention to the maps and what the colors mean.  Anywho here are a few photos I snapped along the trail.  Enjoy!

I loved this "sort of" heart shaped cactus!  Pretty neat!
  I just took a look at the weather forecast for the next ten days here and there's only one day that will be under 100 degrees and that's Sunday.  We'll be hiking again that day, wish me luck on not getting sick this time! 

Mani Monday #2

I have good news and bad news.  The bad news is that I don't particularly like my nails for this weeks post, because I rushed through without thinking and I should have chosen a different color to go with this one.  The reason I rushed through them so last minute leads me to my good news.  Matthew and I went hiking yesterday and I have lots of pretty nature photos to share this week!  This is also the reason I did so poorly on my nails...I was so pooped when I got back that after finishing them, I just couldn't handle starting over.  They aren't too terrible I guess...but I think next time I'll add white underneath. 
I used a base coat and then added these stickers and painted over them with my Essie Turquoise and Caicos. 
I'm super super excited about next weeks Mani Monday though because I have a super cute Fourth of July theme planned.  I can't wait!

My Week In Photos

I know I promised to have more photos to share this for this weeks "Week In Photos" post, but there just wasn't a whole lot going on and I really need to set up a good lighting system in my apartment so that I can get better photos in here.  I do have a couple of things to share though!

Remember when I posted about Sprinkles and I mentioned that Brando wasn't really getting along with her AT ALL???  I got the best advice ever from a fellow blogger, and guess worked!!!  I just let them pretty much "fight it out" with each other and now everything's great!  I certainly wouldn't call them best buds, but they do get along for the most part!  There's a little bit of growling out of Brando every now and then, but nothing like before.  Take a look:
His ears are all flat like he's angry, but he was actually cleaning her!  So glad I had my camera on me.  Sorry for the kitty bum flash by the way lol.
They're a bit messy with their food, but I'm so happy they can tolerate each other around their food and water dish.
This last photo is of a little Willow figurine that I picked up at Dallas Vintage Toys.  Matthew found this place online a while back and we are both total nerds when it comes to vintage toys and such.  This place is SOOOO cool!  I've got a little collection building (which I'll share the rest of soon!), and this is my newest addition.  If you read my list of top 5 films I loved as a kid, then you might remember me mentioning Willow.  I was really surprised to have found this little figurine while we were there, and I just couldn't leave without it! 

So there you have it.  I know it's only three, but I'll try to do better this week!  Have a great weekend!

Photo Flashback: June 2010-2011

I thought it would be neat to share a post each month that includes photos from the previous years during that month.  Here are four that I chose from June 2010 and 2011.  Enjoy!
Brando was so tiny!!!  I had my septum pierced too!  I loved my haircut :)

Road Trip to Georgia 2010

I have so many more to share for the month of July!  I can't wait!

I Heart Friday

Oh how I long for you to be mine!  Source

Pretty inspiration for fourth of july nails!  Source.

I look forward to picking blackberries every year.  Meredith shared the most adorable how-to video for this jam! Source.

I love these little figuring terrariums!  I want to make one with Star Wars characters :)  Source.
Have a great weekend!

Creature Feature: Dolores

When I moved into my apartment, I had absolutely no intention of bringing in any other pets aside from Brando and Nayner (my kingsnake, who I will introduce sometime soon hopefully!).  If you've been here before, you may have seen my Creature Feature post on Sprinkles and know that I soon set aside that intention.  Before I even got Sprinkles though, I couldn't resist the temptation and decided to get a pair of mice.  I've always been this way.  I have the toughest time saying no to bringing home animals!  It's a curse!  Sadly, after just a couple of weeks, the other mouse died mysteriously.  I have no idea what happened-everything seemed fine!  I've had Dolores for quite a while now, and she's as healthy and happy as ever.  Mice do well in groups of at least two, and I'd like to get her a gal pal so that she'll have someone to play with.  Hopefully soon!

Tidbits about Dolores:
  • She's named after "Big Dolores" from Hope Floats.
  • She loves frozen blueberries and millet.
  • She used to not be interested in running on her wheel-but she's on it a LOT now.
  • She doesn't like to be held, but she'll come to you while she's in her house and will eat from your hand.  She's very curious.

I was previously accepting guest post for the Creature Feature series, but am currently not accepting any at this time.  If I decide to offer guest posts for this feature in the future I will certainly let you all know :) 
If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out the posts on Brando and Sprinkles!

Guest Post: Q&A with Alexandra of AW Photography

Today's post comes from Alexandra of AW Photography. When Alexandra first contacted me about sharing her photography on Miss Darlingheart, I was excited beyond belief! Her work is stunning and I'm so honored to have her here today!
When did you first decide that photography was something you wanted to pursue?
I started really picking up photography around early high school. I began bringing my dad's 70's Nikkormat with me everywhere, first starting off by doing candid portraits of friends at school or local shows, and then once people started asking for more personal sessions, I began putting myself out there more. After graduating, I had a stint at Brooks Institute, where I was originally pursuing a career as a film director. Not long after leaving, I pooled together enough money to buy the cheapest Canon DSLR I could find, started the classic 365/photo-a-day project, and everything's just escalated since then.

Do you have a background education in photography or did you teach yourself?
I was raised by two photographers, so the basic, physical functions of a camera were pretty well-instilled growing up. I mostly ended up learning the craft by trial and error, and by keeping an eye on what other photographers around me were practicing. Through all of my schooling however, I think it's safe to say I've endured at least three basic photography classes as of present - I've got the Sunny 16 down pat.
How long have you been doing portraits?
I'd have to say about five years now? Portraiture is the main draw of photography for me; taking a person's photograph gives me a wonderful thrill.
I love the colors in these photos and the glowing summery effect is gorgeous! Is that something that you planned beforehand or was it spontaneous?
Why, thank you! It's funny you mention that; people have begun specifically requesting that specific "look" when hiring me, and so it's very much intentional. I would like to state though, that I have never Photoshopped in a sunflare or light leak before; everything you see is au naturale.
Do you have any tips or advice for someone who is interested in learning about or getting into portrait photography?
My one piece of universal advice is to just keep at it! Remember that you've got the drive, then you're capable of anything. 

I'd like to give a big thank you to Alexandra for sharing these beautiful portraits here on Miss Darlingheart today.  Thank you so much! 
I hope you all enjoyed reading her Q&As as much as I did :)

Movie Love: Moonrise Kingdom

This is absolutely my favorite movie of the year. Every year I look forward to seeing a film that slaps a goofy smile across my face through the entire movie. Last year it was Midnight In Paris. My two favorite directors are Woody Allen and Wes Anderson. It's safe to say that most movies by either of these guys will have that affect on me. It's wonderful. Moonrise Kingdom is hands down my favorite Wes Anderson film so far. And that's saying a lot considering how much I love the others. Please please please see this if you get a chance! 

Mani Monday #1 and Upcoming Changes

Okay guys, bare with me here.  You may see a few changes...especially in the next few days...and maybe even through to the end of July.  This blog is still going through growth spurts and I'm trying to find what works best as far as the vision that I have in mind for Miss Darlingheart.  As you can see (if you've been here before), I did a complete redesign over the weekend and I really love it.  I'm really really starting to love blog design and I may get more into that in the future (woohoo!).  I've also decided to discontinue my Movie Monday series and replace it with "Mani Monday", which I'm really excited about.  In the past I've had a tendency to neglect my nails, but I really do get a strong sense of satisfaction when I do them.  What better way to keep myself on top of that by doing a weekly nail feature to keep myself, as well as my readers, inspired?  Don't be too sad about the missing movie feature; I plan on including a movie recap in my monthly recap posts!  Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that there will be some changes around here, but that I feel that I'm headed in the right direction.  I hope you'll love what you see as much as I enjoy sharing!  Now that I have that out there, on with Mani Monday!
I really really wish I had shared my nails from last week, because I loved them so much!  I promise I'll do them again soon and share them with you.  You get catch a teeny tiny glimpse of them in my previous post: My Week in Photos

This week I wanted to try the tape trick and go with a color combo I love: Turquoise and Gold!  It seemed like everything just kept going wrong from the start though.  First I couldn't find my scotch tape...and so I used packing tape instead.  Bad idea.  Don't use that!  I go a little excited impatient and I didn't wait long enough between coats.  After applying the tape and painting on my gold tips, I peeled off the tape and almost all of my turquoise came off in a sticky mess.  Sooo I ended up just painting that nail gold, and instead of using tape on the rest of them, I just tried my best to do it freehand.  I think I did alright!  Next time I'll make sure I have my scotch tape handy...and I may wait an hour just to be safe.

I used:
Sally Hansen Double Duty: Strengthening Base & Top Coat
Essie: Turquoise & Caicos
Nicole by OPI: The Next CEO
Essie: Good To Go

My Week in Photos

These technically aren't photos from the "week", but they are from last weekend when I went to visit my family. It's always nice to spend time with family, but this trip seemed to be full of little surprises.

My little brother found this Robin's egg alone in the grass after one of his baseball games and decided to bring it home.

I need to get jumping photos of all of my siblings!  2 down, 4 to go!

One of my brothers buddies found this cute little guy on their way over to the house.  Red Ear Slider I think?

What a cutie!!!
I'll try my best to snap photos throughout the week so that next Friday's "Week in Photos" post might be a little bigger :)  Have a great weekend! 

Toy Dinosaur DIY: Photo Holder

I hope you like dinosaurs as much as I do, because today I'm sharing with you how to make a photo holder with toy dinosaurs!  Have fun!

You will need:
  • Toy Dinosaurs
  • Circle Magnets
  • SuperGlue (or glue of your choice)
  • Exacto Knife
Carefully cut straight throught the center.

Glue a magnet to each half.

Set to dry.

Enjoy your new photo holder!

P.S.  These cuties double as wonderful fridge magnets as well!  Add paint and maybe even a bit of glitter for a more whimsical look :)  I hope you enjoyed my first DIY here on Miss Darlingheart!  More to come soon!  Until then...happy crafting!

Tuesday Favorites

First off I want to let you know that "Top 5 Tuesday" is now going to be: "Top 5 Thursday"!  So today I would like to share my favorite photos/posts from the past few days.

Natasha's pretty jewelry bowl.

Kate's kitty locket!  How adorable!  I need to make one with Sprinkles and Brando!

Elizabeth's Polka Dot Owl DIY

Elycia's and Kaylah's best friends posts.  I love these ladies!
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