Mani Monday #3

In celebration of the Fourth of July I decided to do a patriotic themed nail this week :)  The only thing I would have changed is how I did my stripes.  I wanted to pick up one of those nail art pens, but I'm a bit tight on money right now and just decided to work with what I had.  I got the white polish at CVS and the brand is "Spoiled".  I hate the applicator brush from this brand and I won't be buying any more of it.  I just dabbed a bit of the polish onto a piece of paper and used the tip of a bobby pin to make the stripes.  They aren't too neat, but they're not terrible I guess.  I'll add that polish pen to my 'to-buy' list :) 
First I applied a base coat followed by the Red polish.  Then I used these stickers followed by the blue polish.  Then I added the stripes to the red and the glitter to the blue.  And to top it all off I did the clear top coat.

 What I used:


  1. I want to try this! This is so awesome!

  2. Thank you! If you try them let me know! I wanna see!

  3. Captain America nails!?!?! =) I love them!!

  4. Gosh these are so cute! You must be super patient!

    1. A customer at work told me the same thing yesterday :)