Mani Monday #1 and Upcoming Changes

Okay guys, bare with me here.  You may see a few changes...especially in the next few days...and maybe even through to the end of July.  This blog is still going through growth spurts and I'm trying to find what works best as far as the vision that I have in mind for Miss Darlingheart.  As you can see (if you've been here before), I did a complete redesign over the weekend and I really love it.  I'm really really starting to love blog design and I may get more into that in the future (woohoo!).  I've also decided to discontinue my Movie Monday series and replace it with "Mani Monday", which I'm really excited about.  In the past I've had a tendency to neglect my nails, but I really do get a strong sense of satisfaction when I do them.  What better way to keep myself on top of that by doing a weekly nail feature to keep myself, as well as my readers, inspired?  Don't be too sad about the missing movie feature; I plan on including a movie recap in my monthly recap posts!  Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that there will be some changes around here, but that I feel that I'm headed in the right direction.  I hope you'll love what you see as much as I enjoy sharing!  Now that I have that out there, on with Mani Monday!
I really really wish I had shared my nails from last week, because I loved them so much!  I promise I'll do them again soon and share them with you.  You get catch a teeny tiny glimpse of them in my previous post: My Week in Photos

This week I wanted to try the tape trick and go with a color combo I love: Turquoise and Gold!  It seemed like everything just kept going wrong from the start though.  First I couldn't find my scotch tape...and so I used packing tape instead.  Bad idea.  Don't use that!  I go a little excited impatient and I didn't wait long enough between coats.  After applying the tape and painting on my gold tips, I peeled off the tape and almost all of my turquoise came off in a sticky mess.  Sooo I ended up just painting that nail gold, and instead of using tape on the rest of them, I just tried my best to do it freehand.  I think I did alright!  Next time I'll make sure I have my scotch tape handy...and I may wait an hour just to be safe.

I used:
Sally Hansen Double Duty: Strengthening Base & Top Coat
Essie: Turquoise & Caicos
Nicole by OPI: The Next CEO
Essie: Good To Go


  1. I like the new look! Isn't it fun to change the blog layout. I've been working on my over the past few weeks.

    1. Thanks! And yes-it's super fun! I love it :)

  2. Love the new layout! looks amazing!

    I think your nails turned out great even when it seemed like everything was going wrong. :) Looking forward to Mani Monday.

  3. Loving the new layout, the type face in your header is lovely! I'm looking forward to your 'mani mondays' feature, I'm always looking for different ways to do simple nail designs.

  4. Thanks! I'm happy to know it's something you'll both look forward to :) I'm looking forward to it too-I can't wait to do another nail post!