Guest Post: Q&A with Alexandra of AW Photography

Today's post comes from Alexandra of AW Photography. When Alexandra first contacted me about sharing her photography on Miss Darlingheart, I was excited beyond belief! Her work is stunning and I'm so honored to have her here today!
When did you first decide that photography was something you wanted to pursue?
I started really picking up photography around early high school. I began bringing my dad's 70's Nikkormat with me everywhere, first starting off by doing candid portraits of friends at school or local shows, and then once people started asking for more personal sessions, I began putting myself out there more. After graduating, I had a stint at Brooks Institute, where I was originally pursuing a career as a film director. Not long after leaving, I pooled together enough money to buy the cheapest Canon DSLR I could find, started the classic 365/photo-a-day project, and everything's just escalated since then.

Do you have a background education in photography or did you teach yourself?
I was raised by two photographers, so the basic, physical functions of a camera were pretty well-instilled growing up. I mostly ended up learning the craft by trial and error, and by keeping an eye on what other photographers around me were practicing. Through all of my schooling however, I think it's safe to say I've endured at least three basic photography classes as of present - I've got the Sunny 16 down pat.
How long have you been doing portraits?
I'd have to say about five years now? Portraiture is the main draw of photography for me; taking a person's photograph gives me a wonderful thrill.
I love the colors in these photos and the glowing summery effect is gorgeous! Is that something that you planned beforehand or was it spontaneous?
Why, thank you! It's funny you mention that; people have begun specifically requesting that specific "look" when hiring me, and so it's very much intentional. I would like to state though, that I have never Photoshopped in a sunflare or light leak before; everything you see is au naturale.
Do you have any tips or advice for someone who is interested in learning about or getting into portrait photography?
My one piece of universal advice is to just keep at it! Remember that you've got the drive, then you're capable of anything. 

I'd like to give a big thank you to Alexandra for sharing these beautiful portraits here on Miss Darlingheart today.  Thank you so much! 
I hope you all enjoyed reading her Q&As as much as I did :)


  1. I love that rather 'cold' tone on the sixth and seventh pictures but I can't say how glorious other photos are. Lovely interview, checking her site now!

    via EBT

  2. Very much enjoyed this! I love sun flares/light leaks.. This shoot is so so beautiful.

  3. These portraits are so beautiful! I really enjoyed this Q&A.

  4. She is quite talented! Thank you for sharing more about her and some of her photos. I love the lighting :]

  5. Such a lovely interview:)
    I'm actually doing a giveaway with Alexandra! Check it out to win one of her prints!

    <3 Leney