Creature Feature: Dolores

When I moved into my apartment, I had absolutely no intention of bringing in any other pets aside from Brando and Nayner (my kingsnake, who I will introduce sometime soon hopefully!).  If you've been here before, you may have seen my Creature Feature post on Sprinkles and know that I soon set aside that intention.  Before I even got Sprinkles though, I couldn't resist the temptation and decided to get a pair of mice.  I've always been this way.  I have the toughest time saying no to bringing home animals!  It's a curse!  Sadly, after just a couple of weeks, the other mouse died mysteriously.  I have no idea what happened-everything seemed fine!  I've had Dolores for quite a while now, and she's as healthy and happy as ever.  Mice do well in groups of at least two, and I'd like to get her a gal pal so that she'll have someone to play with.  Hopefully soon!

Tidbits about Dolores:
  • She's named after "Big Dolores" from Hope Floats.
  • She loves frozen blueberries and millet.
  • She used to not be interested in running on her wheel-but she's on it a LOT now.
  • She doesn't like to be held, but she'll come to you while she's in her house and will eat from your hand.  She's very curious.

I was previously accepting guest post for the Creature Feature series, but am currently not accepting any at this time.  If I decide to offer guest posts for this feature in the future I will certainly let you all know :) 
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  1. Aww! I love your little zoo!

  2. What a cute bunch of critters you have! And I love it when animals have people names. :-)

  3. What a cutie and I love that you named her after Big Dolores from Hope Floats!

  4. Delores is the best name ever. I met a pug once named Gertrude, and they called her Gerty. Old-fashioned names for animals are always the best. :) SO cute!

    1. I love that name! I once raised a baby opossum and named her Gertrude AND I called her Gerty!!! Great name :)

  5. Awww she's adorable! I have a very curious kitten and it gets her into trouble quite a bit!