Busy Bee

Photo taken in April 2011

I have a lot planned for the month of June and I'm really hoping that I can pull it off! I'm excited to share my first DIY post and possibly a giveaway as well so check back soon! This month is going to be SOOOO busy for me, so I'm really going to have to step it up. June is going to be busy because:

1.) I've decided to go back to school and am starting "slow" by taking an online summer class. It lasts 6 weeks and the schedule is insane. It's also a speech class, which is undoubtedly my least favorite subject. I'm painfully shy and a lot of the time awkward. We'll see how it goes :)


2.) My Pharmacy Technician recertification date is creeping up on me and I have to cram 20 CE credits into the next 6 weeks to get recertified...which is pretty important if I want to still have a job in 6 weeks!

I'm feeling a bit under the weather right now so I'll say goodbye for now, but I'll be back soon! Happy June!



  1. Oh wow, that sounds intense! Good luck with it all, I'm sure it will work out. Hope you feel better.

  2. Good luck with your classes, feel better!

  3. Thanks! I'm on the mend :)

  4. Good luck with your classes! I bet you'll get it done in time - keep us updated :D

    xo, Samantha