What's In My Bag 05/07/12

  1. Herbalife Tea and Multivitamins.  I started the Herbalife program last week and am really enjoying it!  I lost 3 pounds in the first week and had to drop a jean size.  I was totally shocked at how fast it was working for me!  After I complete the first month I may sign up as a distributor.  We'll see :)
  2. Harajuku Lovers: Baby.  This is my absolute favorite perfume.  It's smells so sweet and the packaging is ALWAYS super adorable.  This is the Wicked Style Baby edition.
  3. Ban Deodorant.  I don't normally carry deodorant with me in my bag unless I'll be somewhere overnight-which is why I had it in there this time.  Ban: Shower Fresh is my fav.
  4. Look Ma, New Hands-Hand Lotion.  Working as a pharmacy tech I frequently file through papers and I also wear powdered gloves occasionally.  With all that combined with lots of handwashing-lotion is a must and I LOVE this stuff!
  5. Sandisk MicroMate.  With my 32GB memory card I have to use this handy little gadget to transfer my pictures onto my computer because it isn't SDHC compatible. 
  6. 2GB Memory Card.  Until recently, this was my one and only memory card for my DSLR.  Now that I have my 32GB this is my backup.  I doubt I'll need it with all the space on the big one, but just in case!
  7. Lens Cover.  This is my inner lens cover.  I actually have no idea why I'm carrying this around.
  8. Point and Shoot.  This is my Canon Power Shot SD1200 IS.  I LOVE this little camera!  I try to have a camera with me at ALL times and this is so small it's just impracticle not to carry around.
  9. Cash/Debit/ID.  Can't go anywhere without these!


  1. love your random assortment of goodies in your bag! That perfume bottle is cute!

  2. The perfume bottle looks so cool! I have never seen it before!
    Great post!