Top 5 Thursday: Johnny Depp Characters

When it comes to character actors, nobody does it better than Johnny Depp (in my opinion) and today I thought it would be fun to share a post of my favorite Johnny Depp characters from films I love!  I think the thing I love most about his characters is that they are all so quirky and fun.  I just realized something else...all but one of these films was directed by Tim Burton!   
In Edward Scissorhands.  See the trailer here.

In Sleepy Hollow.  See the trailer here.

In Pirates of the Carribbean.

In Alice in Wonderland.  See the trailer here.

In Dark Shadows. See the trailer here. See my post about it here. 
What's you're favorite Johnny Depp character or movie?


  1. Great! I can only agree. He is my favorite actor too! I like him in all his roles.
    Corpse Bride is also one of my favorites. Oh, and Charly and The Chocolate Factory! And 21 Jump Street. :)

    1. I can't help but love them all! Corpse Bride is one of my all time favorite clay-mation films.

    2. Yeah, it is one of my favorites too! Love all his movies! :)

  2. I LOVE Johnny Depp!! I watched Alice in Wonderland twice yesterday, he's such a great actor.