Places to visit in my town...

I just moved to Fort Worth in late January, and I absolutely love it here!  Although it's MUCH bigger than where I'm from, it's still small enough that I can easily get around without any problems.  If you ever visit Fort Worth here are a few places of interest:
  • Fort Worth Zoo.  I have always been captivated by zoos, and the Fort Worth Zoo is probably one of the best I've been to.  They recently added on a new exhibit called MOLA (Museum of Living Art) that is full of my favorite animals: reptiles!  If you love to visit the zoo, this is definitely a must see!
  • Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  I love this place!  There is so much to see and it's just neat neat neat.  I always feel like a kid when I visit museums like this...everything is so interesting and before I've finished looking at one thing, something else captures my attention. 
  • Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge.  Matthew and I love to go on hikes here.  It's so quiet and peaceful.  I ALWAYS carry my camera when we go.
  • Bass Performance Hall.  Home of the Fort Worth Opera, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, and the Texas Ballet Theatre.  We've seen The Nutcracker and Dracula here.  Both were beautiful and I can't wait to go again!
  • Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.  I visited this museum for the first time about two weeks ago-there were so many interesting exhibits.  If you love art, I definitely recommend this museum.
Photo taken at Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge September 2011.
What can I do/see in your town that you consider a favorite?


  1. I love zoos too! Wherever I go, one of the first places I go to is the zoo. Beautiful photograph of the butterfly!