Monthly Recap: May 2012

Today marks the celebration of the Miss Darlingheart blog being 1 month old!  Yay!  I thought I would celebrate by sharing a few of my favorite posts from May:

A Few Things About Me
Indiana: Dino Capture
Creature Feature: Brando
5 Things I Love About...My Apartment
Prom Photos
Places To Visit In My Town
Top 5 Tuesday: Johnny Depp Characters
Creature Feature: Sprinkles
Top 5 Tuesday: Kate Winslett
I want to thank all of my readers for enjoying my blog enough to subscribe!  It really is such a nice feeling :)  I'm so excited to share all that I have planned for the month of June!  I'll be starting a couple of new features, sharing a DIY, and having a guest post or two as well!  See you then!  


  1. I completely missed my blogs one year anniversary which was a couple of weeks ago. May have been because when I first started my posts were so lame! Your blog is already so creative, and has a neat design I'm really looking forward to seeing it grow in the coming months!

  2. oooh just stumbled on your blog. I am definitely subscribing and coming back to read more!!! Love it!