Favorite Websites/Blogs

Favorite Websites:
  • IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base).  This. Website. Is. THE BEST!  I am a major movie-snob and I use this website exclusively for the latest on anything film/actor/actress/director/etc related.  It keeps me up to date on what's in the works.  It's simply fantastic.
  • PicMonkey.  I am in love with PicMonkey.  I edit all of my photos there now.  If you used Picnik in the past-this is pretty much it's replacement.  It's free and I love all of the different features.  I actually like it better than Picnik and I never thought I'd say that.
  • Amazon.  I love shopping online and Amazon always has the best deals.  Aside from the occasional stop at a place here called The Movie Trading Company-I buy almost ALL of my movies from Amazon.  Books too.  And camera stuff.
  • PasteMagazine.  I can't get enough of the articles on this website.  My favorites are the movie related lists.  For example "Kirsten Dunsts 15 Best Performances"
Favorite Blogs:
  • The Dainty Squid.  I have been in love with Kaylah's blog since I first laid eyes on it.  She always always posts interesting stuff and she's just adorable/inspiring.  Checking her blog is part of my regular internet routine.
  • The Movie Snob.  I love reading Larry Taylor's reviews because I generally agree with him.  Great blog/site to read film reviews/critiques.  He also posts some great lists.


  1. I love The Dainty Squid also, I always get so inspired to do things with my blog after reading hers. Love Elycia is also a great blog!

    1. I love Elycia's blog too-and her and Kaylah are THE most adorable best friends ever! They're both very inspiring :)