Date Night Ideas

  1. Drive-In Movie.  There's a really great Drive-In theatre about an hour south of where I live, and it is sooo much fun!  AND inexpensive.  I just love the whole experience. 
  2. Antique Shopping.  Matthew and I love visiting antique stores and almost always find a thing or two to bring home.
  3. Nature Hike/Picnic.  This is technically not a "night" date, but it's probably my favorite on the list.  I'm a weenie when it comes to being in the dark, so this would definitely begin in the morning.
  4. Museum.  I love museums!  Art Museums and Science/History Museums are so so so cool! 
  5. Sporting Event.  For me this means Dallas Mavs or Texas Rangers.  Also I'd really like to start going to Roller Derby matches and there are a few leagues around here so it's definitely something I'm planning on.

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