Creature Feature: Sprinkles

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After moving into my apartment in late January of this year, I was saddened by the fact that Brando was so lonely when I wasn't here...which is a lot of the time since I work full time Monday-Friday.  When I would get home from work, he would be his usual overly affectionate self, but he was also crying all the time.  Constantly.  It was so pitiful.  He had never been like that before the move and at first I though maybe it was because of the move and all of the changes.  But after nearly two months of him seeming so depressed, I thought perhaps he needed a pal.  He was used to living with another cat as well as a dog.  As soon as I decided that bringing another kitty into the apartment was the answer, I found out that an outside cat at my moms had kittens a while back and that they had recently started eating solid food.  It couldn't have been more perfect timing!  I knew that I wanted a little girl kitty because honestly...Brando is such a girly-boy cat that I thought it would be best for him to have a gal-pal.  Knowing that calico cats tend to ALWAYS be female, I told my mom to go ahead and bring her since she was coming up with my little brothers for the weekend.  Brando did not have the reaction I hoped for.  He loathed her from the moment he saw her!  He hissed and growled and cowered to the floor as he did so.  Sprinkles on the other hand behaved as most kitten would...she was excited and wanted to play!  We decided to keep them in separate rooms for the weekend so that they could get used to each others scents in the apartment and smell/see each other from under the door.  That was nearly a month ago now and there has been almost no progress!  They live in separate rooms with their own litter boxes and food/water dishes.  We bring them into each others spaces to see each other while we hold onto them.  Sprinkles wants to play with Brando so badly, but Brando just hisses and growls and lays on the floor.  He actually curled up into the fetal position and laid his head on the floor.  It's terribly distressing for him!  I don't know what to do other than keep trying.  I saw the first (and only) sign of progress last night and today.  Before bed last night Sprinkles was poking her paws under the door, and Brando jumped down and got into pounce position.  Instead of charging at the door with a growl and a hiss, he crept over and played with her paws through the door!  He's been doing that today too.  No hissing or growling...he seems to be playing with her!  I've tried letting them see each other though, and he just reverts back to hissing.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  Is there anything you recommend?

Tidbits about Sprinkles:
  • She's named after Angela's cat from The Office.
  • She's competing with Brando for the title "Most Affectionate Cat"
  • She's very playful.  She has two little kitty jungle gyms and she's ALWAYS playing on them!
  • She has a strange little meow she does when she's running around the living room.  It's adorable.
  • If you don't pick her up when she wants you to, she'll start climbing your legs.  Watch out!
  • She always tests her food and water with her paw when she eats or drinks. 
  • She LOVES being bathed.  She sits perfectly still and purrs while you soap her up and rinse her off!



  1. So cute! I love kittens so much. Will be emailing you about my cat Jamie!