Creature Feature: Brando

Say hello to:
In the Spring of 2010 my sister's cat at the time gave birth to four healthy kittens. It was her first (and only) litter and we were set on keeping at least one and finding great homes for the others. My sister decided to keep one for herself and I was to choose one for me. One of the kitties had already been promised to another home so that left 3. My sister chose the cute black and white one because it resembled one she had years ago. I was torn between the orange kitten who was more friendly and outgoing than any other kitten I'd ever met...and the beautiful blue-eyed white kitten who seemed terribly shy and hid everytime a human came into the room. What I really wanted was to keep both of them, but I knew I couldn't do that. I thought about how friendly the little orange one was and how easily he would fit in with a family with small children. A friend of the family who had an 8 year old daughter had been on the lookout for a kitten and when I found out I just knew the orange one belonged with them. The shy white one needed more personal attention and would require patience. He quickly warmed up to me and I can't imagine life without him! I chose the name Brando because he looked just like his papa who was the most handsome cat I'd ever seen. I knew I had to come up with a handsome name and so Brando (as in Marlon Brando) seemed to fit nicely.

Tidbits about Brando:
  • He loves feet.  And shoes.
  • He's a very people-friendly cat and he LOVES attention.
  • He's stuck to me like glue...we're like Forrest and Jenny.
  • He likes to sit on whatever you're doing at the time.  He loves laying on my laptop.
  • One of his favorite places to lounge is in my bathroom sink.
  • If you don't want him hanging out on the edge of the tub while you're bathing-you MUST keep the door closed-there's no stopping him!


  1. What a sweet kitty! I love when kitties want to sit with my while I'm in the tub. :)

  2. He is so adorable! :) I have two cats and they both love shoes and the bathroom sink. :)
    Your blog is so lovely!