At The Movies: Dark Shadows

This morning Matthew and I went to see Dark Shadows before I had to go to work and I just LOVE it!!!  The cast was spectacular and the soundtrack was awesome.  I found myself smiling throughout the was just wonderful!
If a film involves Johnny Depp or Tim Burton then it's an automatic certainty that I am going to enjoy it.  I have also quickly become a fan of Chloe Moretz and loved her character in this film :)  Here's one of my favorite clips:
I can't help but smile at this photo so I had to share it.  I never thought I'd put the words Johnny Depp, Vampire, and Adorable in the same sentence...but I guess I thought wrong. :)
If you get a chance to see a movie this weekend I highly recommend this one! It may not be suitable for small children though so keep that in mind :) Have a great weekend!

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