5 Things I Love About...

My Apartment

  1. It's quiet.  It's nice being on the third floor and having quiet neighbors (or not many neighbors).  Aside from the occasional annoying car with their bass up high driving through at night...all I ever hear are birds chirping and squirrels chattering.  And the rain of course :)  It's great!
  2. It has a 'larger than average' balcony.  My balcony is about half the size of my bedroom...it's massive!  I haven't decorated it yet, but I have some great ideas.  I definitely want to get my hands on some large floor pillows so that I can take a blanket out there and lounge around on my floor pillows while reading a book or even napping :)
  3. There are pretty trees outside my window and balcony.  Finding apartments with lots of big trees everywhere was really difficult to find, but I found them!  There are tall trees throughout the complex and my apartment is right next to one!  I can easily reach the leaves through my window and the edge of my balcony.  There are a pair of doves who regularly perch outside my bedroom window-they're so pretty!
  4. It's just the right size for me.  I ended up picking the smallest floorplan to save myself on electricity bills...and I really like the size.  I have a really nice sized living room area with a built in bookshelf and a vaulted ceiling.  I have a nice little kitchen with everything I need.  My bedroom easily fits my queen sized bed with plenty of space to move around.  I absolutely adore my bathroom.  It has nice wood floors with a huge mirror above the vanity sink with lots of cupboards.  And the toilet/bathroom shower is an extension of that part of it with a door in between.  It's just wonderful :)
  5.  It's ALL MINE!  I've lived in a couple of apartments before, but I always had roommates.  This is my very first place to call my own.  I pay all of my own bills and it feels really nice to know that I'm capable of living alone in my own space and providing for myself.  It's such a great feeling!


  1. Aww, that's a sweet post. :) It's great that you've got somewhere that feels like home.

  2. Your apartment sounds awesome! My first apartment was up in the trees too and I absolutely loved it!
    That mourning dove is gorgeous.